Rules & Regulations

  1. On entering, competitors agree to a declaration to waive liability, confirm acceptance of the rules & agree to the release of personal images to the media and for event promotion purposes. International competitors must have the appropriate travel documents, visas & comprehensive medical insurance in place for this event. We do advise that competitors organise their own personal insurance.

  2. You must immediately and respectfully comply with any direction or decision of the Event Organisers and the medical support staff. Any failure to do so may result in disqualification.

  3. There will be inforced cut-off times to ensure competitor safety. If a competitor misses a cut-off they will be transported back to the Gartan Estate.  This decision lies with the Stage Safety Officers and Race Director.

  4. Compulsory Equipment must be worn or carried as appropriate and as outlined.

  5. Competitors must be wear reflective clothing and front and back lights during all stages taking place during darkness or in the event of poor visability.

  6. The Race is an unsupported event. Spectators may not provide any item of equipment, drinks or nutrition to an athlete competing in the race. Assistance can only be provided by event personnel or other competitors competiting in the race. Any failure to comply may result in disqualification.

  7. You can only use one bike for the cycle. If you are found to change bike during the event you will be disqualified.

  8. Competitors must observe all Road Traffic Laws.

  9. Cycle on the left on all roads and keep tight into the left especially on main roads.

  10. Competitors must follow the course as marked. Any short-cuts will result in a time penalty or disqualification.

  11. Checkpoints must be visited in the prescribed order.

  12. In accordance with our commitment to minimise our impact on the local environment no litter of any kind, including for example water bottles, caps from water bottles, energy bar wrappers or toilet paper shall be left on the course. If you are found to have littered the course you will be heavily penalized or disqualified.

  13. All litter is to be carried to the closest transition or checkpoint for disposal.

  14. Respect the environment & local inhabitants

  15. MP3, Ipods etc are not permitted to be used during the race.

  16. The Race Director's decision is final

  17. Inform a race official immediately after withdrawing from the race.

  18. Bib numbers must be worn by all competitors during The Race. The bib numbers must be visible on the front and back of each competitor.

  19. Drafting from another athlete or motor vehicle is forbidden. Competitors must reject attempts by others to draft. The Race will follow the rules on drafting as outlined by the International Triathlon Union for drafting illegial races. 

  20. The responsibility of remaining on the course rests with the competitor. Any competitor, who appears to Technical or Medical Officials as presenting a danger to themselves or others, may be removed from The Race.

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  • Name: Anthony Boyle Nationality: IrishBackgroundMy main reason for entering is that I would like the opportunity to test my mental and
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    Anthony Boyle

  • Name: Jeff Butler Nationality: IrishBackground (Reasons for attempting The Race) Always wanted to do longer expedition style races - and this looks
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    Jeff Butler

  • Name: George Kelly Nationality: Irish Background  Two of my sons have entered the 2016 Race. I have always encouraged my sons to
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    George Kelly

  • Name Oisin Weldon Nationality Irish Background (Reasons for attempting The Race) The score is Oisin 1- The Race 1, so
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    Oisin Weldon

  • Name Kevin Kelly Nationality Irish Background (Reasons for attempting The Race) Engineer living and working in Scotland having just spent
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    Kevin Kelly

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