Registration Details

Race Registration

We will award a total of 150 places to competitors for The Race 2017. Registration is divided into two categories. The 150 Spaces will be divided as follows:

Registration Round 1 - First Come, First Served

This round is open to all competitors. Places will be awarded on a first come, first served basis until all places are filled. In the event of all spaces being filled within the first 8 hours we will prioritise selection to ensure a minimum of 20 spaces go to competitors on our mailing list. 

Open from 9.00am on Wednesday the 30th of March 2016

75 Spaces available


Registration Round 2 - Selection Process

This round is open to all competitors. However, preference will be given to certain groups if their allocation has not already been filled.*

Open from 9.00am on Wednesday 6th April 2016

75 Spaces available *

*Where possible we will ensure a minimum representation in The Race of Female Competitors (10%), International Competitors (10%), Local Competitors (10%) and Elite Competitors (10%). 

The Elite competitor spaces will be allocated to the competitors with the greatest experience and/or best, relevant race results as judged by the race organisers. Please note that there will be no elite wave during The Race. All competitors will begin the event at the same time. 

Download 2017 Information Pack (PDF) with detailed info on registration, fees, and the event itself.